"KAWS:HOLIDAY" was held in Melbourne, Australia. Human Made designed and manufactured special jumpsuits (not for sale) for the art project.


For its ninth stop of "KAWS:HOLIDAY", "KAWS:HOLIDAY MELBOURNE" in collaboration with KAWS, AllRightsReserved and the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), marked the flight of the 42 meters tall COMPANION hot-air balloon over a densely populated metropolis, taking in a breathtaking view of skyscrapers and the city life below. The balloon’s surprise appearance attracted scores of people who recorded the moment on social media.

To celebrate the 2nd stop of the KAWS’s hot-air balloon, Human Made specially designed and manufacture “KAWS:HOLIDAY'' jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is constructed in navy fabric with long sleeves and features special branding elements throughout. Human Made has incorporated "KAWS:HOLIDAY" in its signature font style that makes a bold statement on the back. The garment also includes KAWS' iconic "XX" motif and Human Made's logo, featuring "AUSTRALIA" badges on the sleeves, rounding it all out with functional details. The pilot of “KAWS:HOLIDAY MELBOURNE” was the first to fly the hot-air balloon in this specially designed jumpsuit, making the “KAWS:HOLIDAY” a meaningful journey.