Making life on earth more interesting…from the street.

Bold ideas from the streets of the world. Japan’s uncompromising dedication to the art and science of making products. And the playful spirit of Tokyo as the essence. 
This fusion produces new values to create products and services that innovate the lifestyles of people across many countries. Through them, we aspire to become an ideal platform to fuel creativity for ideas that pulse around the world. A place for diverse cultures, creators near and far, and our youth, the leaders of the future, to come together and thrive. 
A wide range of lifestyle-related businesses are offered in order to realize our vision. 


With the theme “the future is in the past”, our products combine the best of vintage and street culture, with excellent craftsmanship and unique graphics. Based on American casual style, the brand has a wide range of tastes including workwear, military, sports, outdoor, and traditional, and is intended to be enjoyed by both men and women.


■ HUMAN MADE - LIFE STYLE (Home Goods) -

This interior goods series is based on the concept of culture and functional beauty for the home. From stackable steel boxes and folding storage containers to rug mats and door stoppers, HUMAN MADE's unique interior goods combine a humorous design with convenience to bring fun and beauty to everyday life.


■ HUMAN MADE – LIFE STYLE (Daily Necessities) -

This series of daily necessities is inspired by the color green, which adds brightness and gentleness to our lives. We offer a wide range of daily necessities and household goods from 99% naturally derived toothpaste gel, to silk body mittens, shampoo, masks, disinfectant mist, hand towels, inner wear, socks and towels.


■ HUMAN MADE ‐LIFE STYLE (Japanese Heritage) -

From the unique perspective of HUMAN MADE, these items focus on traditional Japanese crafts and culture. This include a series of papier-mâché items inspired by Takasaki Daruma, tenugui (hand towel), calendars, samue, wasanbon, paperweights, and food samples. Focusing on Japanese craftsmanship and artisanship, with a unique touch.



This series of collaborations shows respect to the creators, artists and musicians who are dominating the world and leading as pioneers in their fields. The unique creativity of the world's creators such as KAWS, Futura, Lil Uzi Vert, Pop Smoke, Verdy, etc. adding excitement to HUMAN MADE products.



The KAWS capsule collection gave us the opportunity to work with a great contemporary artist who has been a close friend for a long time. This collaboration included the artists versions of HUMAN MADE's symbolic icons. This relationship has been ongoing since the1990s, out of working through mutual respect.


VERDY(Girls Don’t Cry)

A capsule collection by HUMAN MADE and Girls Don't Cry, The brand created by Verdy one of the most popular graphic artists today. Verdy's graphics have also been used in other projects such as the LOUIS VUITTON collection directed by NIGO®.


VERDY(Wasted Youth)

The first collaboration between Verdy’s Wasted Youth label and the world-famous American beer brand Budweiser. The Wasted Youth sense of humor can be felt throughout the collection, which includes a soccer shirt, based on an imaginary team`s uniform, and the Budweiser collaboration beer can, reproduced as a life-size papier-mâché object. 



This capsule collection with Lil Uzi Vert, a popular hip-hop artist whose debut single released in 2016 certified double platinum and has been constantly on top of the Billboard charts. These items are a sampling of his iconic character using a bat graphic with a pink diamond on the forehead, created from friendship and his love for HUMAN MADE.


A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky draws attention from around the world not only as a hip-hip artist but also as a leader of the creative agency AWGE that he founded, and as a fashion icon. In this collaboration, the “HUMAN TESTING” collection was designed using A$AP Rocky’s symbolic black and yellow color scheme, with crash test dummy and target motifs. 



LAST ORGY 2 was the title of an editorial series that the UNDERCOVER founder/designer Jun Takahashi, and the HUMAN MADE founder/designer NIGO had for Takarajima magazine in the early 1990s. The name LAST ORGY 2 was also used for an original brand, that was released irregularly in the shop NOWHERE, which Takahashi and NIGO opened in 1993, in Harajuku.

The second round of products from the Last Orgy 2 collection was released in October 2022, following the first release in February 2022 which drew a significant response. This release included a varsity jacket, a short-sleeve photo T-shirt, and a long-sleeve photo T-shirt. The items revived the designs from the 1990s. 


Through cross-industry collaborations with global companies such as COCA COLA, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), adidas, Levi`s, Blue Bottle Coffee, and domestic companies such as uka and Omine Shuzo, we are working on various activities and interesting projects to make life on earth more enjoyable with the essence of HUMAN MADE.


Blue Bottle Coffee

In collaboration with Blue Bottle Coffee, a Californian specialty coffee brand, we have partnered with to open a cafe space located inside “HUMAN MADE 1928” and “HUMAN MADE OFFLINE STORE”. We also created the staff uniform for “Blue Bottle Coffee Shibuya Cafe”, as well as original coffee beans "FUTURE BLEND", "PAST BLEND" and other collaboration goods.



The LEVI'S® x NIGO® capsule collection, released in July 2021, featured the TYPE II TRUCKER JACKET, a faithful reproduction of the 1950s vintage “Levi's® 507XX” and the 1915 model jeans "501® xx" that NIGO® has owned since his student days, This was sold in a limited edition of 100 each. The promotional movie that featured young NIGO® also attracted great attention.


Released in April 2022, the second Levi‘s® x HUMAN MADE collaboration was comprised of two styles—the 506 Trucker Jacket and the 1944 501® Jean. Known to be a serious collector of the brand’s denim, NIGO carefully selected the pieces from the huge Levi’s® archive and revived them with a modern twist, drawing attention for the use of traditional manufacturing techniques cultivated by Levi’s® and the playful touches of HUMAN MADE. 


adidas Originals

The collaboration with adidas Originals started in 2014 with the adidas Originals by NIGO line, and has continued regularly since then. The full lineup of the collection including footwear and apparel, is released worldwide each season and has been a great hit.


The latest sneaker collaboration for adidas Originals by HUMAN MADE, the ADIMATIC HM was released in July 2022. The design is a special take on the ADIMATIC sneakers, a masterpiece in its own right as a cult favorite among youth since its release in 1996. The creatives featuring one of the stars of the adidas skateboarding team, Maité Steenhoudt, attracted a lot of attention.


Ohmine Shuzou

SAKE STORM COWBOY®" is a Japanese sake co-produced by Omine Shuzo, one of the leading sake makers in Yamaguchi Prefecture, with Pharrell Williams and NIGO®. It was awarded the Gold Medal in the SAKE category of the world's most influential competition, IWC2020 (International Wine Challenge). It is a limited-quantity brew with an exceptional depth of taste and an innovative bottle design.




In July 2021, the flagship store, which had been located in Nakameguro, reopened at a new location in Gaienmae. With one of the largest full lineups in Tokyo, the store features a giant bulldog art object and a circle-shaped showcase, as well as a café space for Blue Bottle Coffee, the first one in the Kanto area following Kyoto. A conceptual store has been born again in this area along Killer Street in Aoyama, where the flagship store "COLD COFFEE" existed in 2011, during the early days of HUMAN MADE.


1928 KYOTO

The first store to be opened in the Kansai area, the building is a cultural property of Kyoto City, completed in 1928. The exterior of this historic building, once used as the Kyoto branch of the Mainichi Newspapers, is characterized by its classical Art Deco style. When you enter the building, you will find that the flooring, pillars, doors, windows, and other structures have been left in their original state, creating a unique space that feels like you have traveled back in time to the Showa era. In addition to HUMAN MADE, there are fashion items, food and drinks selected by NIGO®, creating a sophisticated and conceptual space.


Human Made Shinsaibashi Parco

In November 2022, HUMAN MADE opened its first store in Osaka on the first floor of Shinsaibashi Parco. This unique store is located as a shop-in-shop inside the Undercover store. 

Human Made SAPPORO

 In August 2023, HUMAN MADE opened its first Hokkaido store on the ground floor of lifestyle hotel The Knot Sapporo in Tanukikoji, central Sapporo.



Opened in Sendagaya in 2010, the curry store "CURRY UP" was named by Pharrell Williams, with the logo by designer Tetsu Nishiyama. The first store was decorated by Masamichi Katayama, and now we also have a store in Nakameguro. The menu includes the signature "Butter Chicken Curry," "Beef Curry," "Keema Curry," and "Vegetable Curry," as well as "Eggplant Curry" and "Spinach Curry," all of which are made with fresh, additive-free ingredients and popular as a healthy curry that you can be enjoyed everyday.




Otsumo Co., Ltd. not only engages in the planning and operation of its own brand, "HUMAN MADE," but also provides branding support, product development, and other production services for companies in other industries and sectors, based on its corporate slogan, "Making  life on earth more interesting from the street”.


Since 2015, NIGO was appointed as the general creative director of CyberAgent, Inc. a corporation involved in internet and media related businesses, where he supervises creative and visual images. Since his appointment, he has overseen the renewal of the corporate brand logo. NIGO has produced numerous projects, starting with the logo and characters that represent the corporation, to the design of the "Chateau Ameba", the center of " ABEMA" content, and the production of over 100 types of corporate goods.




Since 2020, NIGO has been responsible for the creative direction of the sunglasses brand "JINS&SUN" from the eyewear brand "JINS". Under the concept of "EVERYDAY EYE WEAR", JINS&SUN proposes a new option of sunglasses to the world. He has produced the entire "JINS&SUN" brand, from the launch of this project to product supervision and visual production.






At OTSUMO, we strive to make the world a better place by approaching social issues through our business activities. 

In 2020, to support the Black Lives Matter movement in the U.S., we took part in the charity project "BLACK LIVES MATTER”, initiated by artist Pharrell Williams, and involved artists, fashion designers, and musicians from around the world. As a representative of Japan, HUMAN MADE took the lead in producing a charity T-shirt with the support of more than 20 famous Japanese brands. All profits from the sale were donated to Black Lives Matter, Equal Justice Initiative, and other charities that invest in the future of the Black American community through education.


Organized by the Sustainable Coffee Association of Japan, Challenge Coffee Barista is a barista competition for people with disabilities, and uses coffee to promote an inclusive society where everyone can live authentically and lead full, vibrant lives. OTSUMO creative director NIGO designed a T-shirt for all participants to wear in the 2022 competition.