From July 21st (Wednesday), Nakameguro's "HUMAN MADE OFFLINE STORE" will be reopening in Harajuku, Gaien Mae. This flagship store will incorporate many new attractions including a take away Blue Bottle Coffee shop. In addition to HUMAN MADE and Blue Bottle Coffee, we also will be selling a special version of our “Wasanbon” sweets in collaboration with Yoshifusa Kagizen a traditional Japanese sweets manufacturer from Gion, Kyoto that has been trading since the the Edo period. (HUMAN MADE Cafe by Blue Bottle Coffee is open from 8:00)

1F 2-6-6 Jingumae Shibuya Tokyo
Business Hours Mon-Sun 11:00〜19:00

※Open From 8:00 on July 21st ONLY.


■HUMAN MADE Cafe by Blue Bottle Coffee
Business Hours Mon-Sun 8:00〜19:00


【OFFLINE STORE sales notice】
■ There may be a limit on the number of items you can purchase subject to availability.
■ Depending on situation, customers might not be able to purchase the desired item.
■ Numbered tickets may be distributed during times of congestion.
■ Please note there is a limit to the item.
■ Please note that even if you line up this does not guarantee purchase.
■ Due to the inconvenience to the neighborhood, we do not allow you to line up all night before the opening of HUMAN MADE or early in the morning.
In addition, for those who lined up before the opening of HUMAN MADE, we will ask you to move out.

■ If you do not follow the staff's instructions, we may refuse to enter the store.
■ Business hours are subject to change in consideration of the guidelines and announcements of the government and local governments.
※ Guidelines are subject to change at managements discretion.


For more information, please follow our Official Twitter pages.