The new fleece collection will be on sale at the HUMAN MADE online store from Saturday, December 19th. The designs will be a variation on this months popular release at the Isetan Shinjuku store.




PRICE:¥19,800 + TAX

PRICE:¥14,800 + TAX

PRICE:¥17,800 + TAX

PRICE:¥12,800 + TAX

PRICE:¥9,800 + TAX

PRICE:¥4,800 + TAX

2020,December 19th (Saturday) will release on HUMAN MADE ONLINE STORE.


【Sales Method】
■ Orders can not be canceled or changed after the order as been confirmed. Please check your order carefully before confirming.


■fleece collection will have purchase restriction.
■After you have confirmed your order, there will be no cancellation or
change of size, color, etc…
■The shipping (depending on the situation) will at least take up to 7
business days, before shipping.
■Please note that separated order cannot be shipped together.
■Please be sure that you are able to receive the package at all times.
If the order could not be received, Unfound address, long term absence, etc… and returns to us, we will
automatically cancel your order. There will be no re-shipping available.
■Putting the items inside the Shopping cart does not mean you have
completed your order. In some case, items may be sold out before your check out is completed.


For more information, please go to HUMAN MADE Official twitter account.

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