Friday, October 21st adidas and the Japan Football Association reveal the global launch of the JFA Special Collection designed by NIGO, to set the stage for the world’s biggest sporting event: the FIFA World Cup Qatar  2022™.


The Special Collection was developed in cooperation between adidas, the JFA, and NIGO. Inspired by the traditional culture and craftsmanship of Japan, it features a minimalistic and classical design approach, with the combination of pale mauve and fresh green reflecting the symbolic colors of cherry blossoms and “Sakuramochi,” the traditional Japanese confectionery, widely loved and enjoyed for years by people in Japan. With an aim to establish Football as a culture deeply connected to people’s lifestyle in Japan, the design concept pays homage to the Japan National Teams and what they mean to people in Japan; the uniting force that brings joy and delight in sports to everyone regardless of age, gender and other boundaries that exists in the society.

- A design comment by NIGO

“The simplistic design of the Special Collection was inspired by the symbolic culture of Japan such as Sakuramochi, the Japanese confectionery. Beloved for more than 300 years, it shows the very best of Japanese craftsmanship.”


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please check the official adidas JFA Special Collection website.