Tuesday, August 16th sees the launch of a nationwide Levi’s® SilverTab™ local campaign in Japan. SilverTab™ has been a popular collection since its birth in the late '80s.  


The concept of Japan’s local SilverTab™ campaign is a mashup of 90's Tokyo street culture. NIGO is a key figure in the scene and as Creative Supervisor at the helm of this campaign. NIGO worked alongside Takei Goodman as director of the video, Keisuke Naito (Chingcame) as a photographer and Hiroshi Kawanabe (TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET) and tofubeats as sound producers. The cast features multi-talented personalities from across all genres and styles including rappers, artists, professional fighters, skaters and comedians.


For more details, please check the official SilverTab™campaign website


Casts: Kogaken, Sissonne Hasegawa, SDP, Daoko, CHAI, chelmico, Tenshin Nasukawa, Vava, BIM, VERDY, YOPPI and Yukumo Egawa.